Okay, before you hit the back button and never come back to this site again, let me explain. I’d be the first one to tell you Rotas are wack, but sometimes you just have to settle. Given the sizing of Miata wheels, the options are very limited. Since the wheels for this car are in the 15-16″ territory and 4 lug, I was hard pressed to find anything decent in the right sizing. I also dislike oldschool style wheels on Miatas.

Crucially, I didn’t want to drop thousands on a set of wheels… that’d be completely against the point of this more budget-oriented car. One thing led to another and I came upon a local distributor that had 2 remaining sets of Rota Grids in White with good sizing. They are 16×8″ +10. I chose to go with 16″ wheels, just my preference. Technically, these are the “Offroad” versions with the more concave face. I at least mounted them on decent tires, Falken ZE-912’s, thanks to Justin (a la JustintheFatty). Tires are 205/40/16.

Quality Control my ass.

After I bought wheels, I was looking through them and found a nickel size chunk of paint missing on a spoke. Luckily, since the seller was literally a few miles away from me, we met up again and I was able to exchange the wheel. I actually traded away 2 others as well, which had minor imperfections… so I broke up their 2 sets of wheels to get my 1 clean set. In it to win it.

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