I’ve made deliberate strides to drastically reduce my time spent with frivolities and nonsense. The purpose of life is to strive for excellence, not to mess around and blend with a crowd. Although this mindset has effectively turned me into a robot, at the end of the day, the sense of accomplishment is worth it.

Here’s a brief storyboard of what a typical day has been like for me.

A whole lot of this…

(that’s right, I’m going 28mph in the carpool lane – this is a Prius after all)

Driving my funner alternative.

This is where most of my attention has been.

After work, I jump on one of these things. Today, I actually fell asleep and missed my stop…

To do some sitting here. The 4 pages of notes in the picture are actually the end accumulation from my previous semester. Also, never buy cheap notebooks from Walmart, the pages started falling apart after only a couple days. I just dealt with it.

After class, it’s a short walk back over to the train station where I watch some of San Jose’s finest do interesting things. For example, as a passing lightrail went by, I saw 2 hoodlums hitching a ride by standing on the linkage connecting the cars. Pretty sure they were rapping, too.

Headed back home. Bonus is the traffic is much lighter at this hour.

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