Pulled off the stock steering wheel earlier this week…

With the wheel off, I decided to tear down the interior a bit more to prep for a couple of upcoming items and the roll bar install. I also took the gauge cluster off to pull the airbag bulb and the check engine light bulb. Even though the new steering wheel hub has proper resistors and won’t throw a light, I figured the airbag light is useless either way. Though, my main intent here was to get rid of the stupid check engine light. It first came on after I removed the carbon canister… and now that I don’t have a downstream O2 sensor anymore, the only way to turn it off is to remove & forget. If something actually serious went wrong, you don’t need a light to tell you.

In situations when you take apart numerous items, it’s an invaluable investment to keep all the fasteners organized.

The Works Bell Short Boss hub is a repeat for me from my past RX-7. The ARC titanium shift knob and Project Kics Neo Chrome R40 lugnuts in the pictures below are also part of my staple, so to speak. There’s no substitute for quality… and it all comes down to the details. I got lucky with the lugnuts since they’re out of stock from the distributors, but I found a local shop that had one left in stock.

While we’re in the whole JDM-tyte mindset, here’s a cool key I got. A Royal Clover Pole Position.

The steering wheel hub install went smooth. All I had to do was follow these instructions.

I had a quick release before, but wasn’t too into it. This time, I decided to step up to a flip-hub hub in the form of a Works Bell GTC.

Didn’t put the steering wheel on yet, that will come later.

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