Approximately 3 months ago, I had my third and latest track day. In the time period up until now, I have not even touched my bike. With the Miata finally done and out of the way, I can refocus back on my favorite thing.

First, let’s recap briefly on that track day, which I never had a chance to do a write up on. Since I sold my van around this time, it was difficult finding a method of transportation. I eventually went all the way to Gilroy to pick up a small utility trailer and also installed a U-Haul tow hitch (which fits like junk) on the Prius.

Although the setup worked, I was reminded why towing is so vastly inferior to carrying. The trailer would twitch around and make awful noises the entire way there. After waking up at 4AM still half asleep, I embarked on the 3 hour long journey to Thunderhill. From riding during the day and then having to drive all the way back home again, I was utterly drained. And to be honest, I didn’t find the experience to be worth the amount of planning and perseverance required. Not to mention I had to pay $200+ for the track day itself… to ride at a mediocre, remote, and bumpy track.

All that aside, I’m very conscious about the frequency that I get to ride. It has already been a full year since I got my M1 license, yet, track days aside, I’ve only ridden maybe 2 dozen or so times. Quite a pitiful ratio, if you ask me. Sure, I may have rocketed straight into track riding, but this was done at the cost of actually getting to ride. Something had to be done, there is no point in having the bike just waste away in the garage. After careful evaluation, I decided it was time to go back to the street. While a track is ideal, being able to ride whenever I want is more important to me. I simply do not have the capacity to make the pilgrimage to a faraway track with consistency, nor am I finding it to be all that economical. My idea with track riding was by merit correct, but I failed to account for other circumstances of reality.

I sat on this idea for a while, but am now finally taking the plunge into the bike’s transformation (about time). Granted, this wasn’t going to be a simple overnight job… I sold nearly all of my stock parts, so I had to buy them all back again. That, and because I’m a genius, the wiring on the bike needed to be redone. So you can understand my initial hesitation. At least it is now underway, and hopefully I can finish before Summer sneaks away…

2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. I came across this post by way of research into towing motorcycles via trailer hitches, particularly U-Haul trailer hitches and trailers. Similar to you and your track bike, I have a dirt bike with no local places to ride. So I’m looking into ways of towing. I have a Hyundai Tucson and I’m hoping it will be easier to tow than a Prius. I also have a street bike and considering that towing might be more beneficial for longer trips, as well. So your information here has been very helpful. Never been track riding before but surprised to read that Thunderhill is bumpy. But thanks for posting! And I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy the open road more.

    Ride safe!

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