Today was quite motorcycle oriented, but I’m not complaining. In the morning, I prepped and repainted the mid fairings… for the 5th time. The first 3 times, I used a different type of paint which was hard to lay a smooth finish, and I was never happy with it. For the fourth time, I actually had the local paint shop give it a try. Unfortunately, it came out to be too glossy. So I scuffed it all down and tried once again myself. I think it’s finally good enough, either that or I’m just too fed up to care anymore.

Here were the mid fairings before, I didn’t like the random silver.

So I went with a flat black to keep the theme dark. Here they are painted and reassembled along with a pair of Hotbodies flushmounts.

After I was done giving myself further lead poisoning in the garage, I helped a buddy transport his CBR. The forks on his bike were crooked, so I referred him to the good folks at Nichols Motor Sports to get it looked at.

Later in the afternoon, I cracked on and got a few things done on my bike… Here is where I left off.

In the below picture, there are a few new goodies shown. Firstly, the Tripage Integrated Tail light is on – which smartly hooks into the tail piece and butts against the plastic undertray. I also got my license plate mounted and the new OEM Honda single cowl installed.

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