Like many other kids growing up in a technologically-developing era, I spent a chunk of my youth (6th grade to middle school) playing video games. I probably played Half Life and its many Mods the most, which included Counter-Strike (especially hacking in it, don’t hate). Once Half Life phased out a bit, I remember getting into the Battlefield series with 1942. However, my gaming was on a steady decline through high school, and once I started college, my interest in the subject nearly flat lined. I would pick up a few games to try now and then, but it was hard to really get into them. I found that I would get bored very easily.

Although I may have lost touch with gaming, it was still a pastime so I figured I’d play homage to it in the form of Battlefield 3. This is literally the first game I’ve personally purchased (with money) since Battlefield 2 in 2005. We’ll see how it goes, if this game’s experience is anything like it was with its predecessor, it will be interesting enough. I really hope I don’t end up dropping this game after an hour like I do with so many others (I paid $50 for a digital copy, when did games get so expensive?!)… I’m also curious if my 3 year old refurbished Gateway will even run it.

Anyway, if anybody out there is reading this and also pre-ordered Battlefield 3, add me on Origin! My username is Termignoni (Akrapovic was taken)

We can be Battlefriends /no homo

Oh yeah, and if you’ve preloaded the game like me with the files sitting on your computer, waiting to be unlocked on the 25th… you can try VPN’ing to a Korean server and unlock the game a day early.

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  1. I’m planning to buy it too! I will see you, Termignoni, on BF3 as FDRotor. You should try playing league of legends as well

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