Things haven’t been too exciting for me, I’ve just been focusing on being productive. With work and school, the days are very long and they go by quick. Looking back, I don’t even know where the past year went. On another note, my ear feels better and I’ve recovered from the surgery, so hopefully it’s time to start getting active.

For a quick recap, here is a collection of pictures I’ve taken with my cell phone over the past few months until now. Since I’m not nearly interesting enough to write a detailed synopsis about my adventures, brief comments will have to suffice.

This was taken a while ago since I haven’t ridden at all during Winter. That’s right, I parked in the middle of a basketball court.

Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge is a rip off, the toll they charge is immense. Could have bought a nice meal.

The last decent bike ride, right when my ear trouble started.

On the same day I got my 135i, I drilled holes into the bumper. Okay, I was just slightly enlarging a pair of license plate holes to fit bumper plugs.

Driving around a Lotus Elise, uncomfortable car (also felt cheaply made for being as expensive as it is) but I liked the way it steered.

I think this was a kit car.

After almost 3 months of not washing the 135i, I finally did. Had to use a coin car wash because it was so dirty.

My dog on a hill, surveying some cows.


Went on a night walk today and found a temple in an adjacent neighborhood.

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