This Hyena slaying lion is so bad ass. Definitely has one of the coolest names ever (apparently also more phonetically spelled “Eetwidomayloh”). He comes out of no where and decides to just kill the matriarch of the Southern Clan hyenas. Then when the matriarch gets replaced with another, he kills the her too.

Clip is from the documentary Eternal Enemies by National Geographic, which is a must see. Its primary objective is to depict the dynamic between Hyenas and Lions, so the focal point is not Ntwadumela (in case you were expecting to see a one lion slaughter-fest, or something).

8 thoughts on “Ntwadumela, He Who Greets with Fire

  1. i hapen to watch ntwadumeila along with other animal i know hes my favorite in my u-tube account.every time im checking e-mails i change screens to check ntwa.and for some reason im able to do my tasks much faster.for some weird reason ntwa is a big inpiration.go figure.ooops i have to go to get my daily dose of ntwadomela

  2. this is my favorite lion ever since i was born in 1996 he was the first animal i saw and i have been memorized by with since i was little. he has been the one who has inspired me to become a wilflife vetrinarian ever since i was able to talk.

  3. Etwi was the baddest ass I ever saw,man or beast.He lived to fk you up.He was one no caring bad ass whis eyes told his story.I loved that animal.

  4. Sorry to read about lion being shot by trophy hunters. May the hunters daughters backside never see daylight again until death!!!

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