Last week I switched cars one day and forgot my sunglasses in the other. It happened to be exceptionally sunny, and having to squint during the commute wasn’t very pleasurable. That prompted me to pick up a second pair of shades as a backup. I decided on the Oakley Holbrooks in the Ducati/Nicky Hayden scheme. I like the matte black frame, but it does pick up oils from your skin rather easily. Slightly larger than my Wayfarers but still fits nicely.

The second pick up is a 6th gen iPod Nano, which I actually got as a gift from work. My first inclination was just to sell it or gift it again, since I’m not much of a mobile-music-listener. But since the Nano is only around $150 new for the 16GB version, there was no point in selling. So, I decided to keep it and turn it into a watch instead. The watchband is a Black LunaTik, which works amazingly well. Overpriced for what it is, but the way the whole package comes together is clever and easy.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll actually wear the Nano as a watch everyday, I primarily want to use the Pedometer feature when running.

One thought on “Gear Up

  1. Nice come up with those Oakleys. I too have acquired some Oakleys, a pair of Frogskins. Turned them into eyeglasses though. :) I lost my shades at the Irish pub out in Marina Del Rey though, no more Aviators for me. :( But since it’s already been a year with my insurance, I’m allowed to get a pair of frames and lenses. I plan on getting some Wayfarers like you, just to sort of “match” the Frogskins. It was originally going to be vice versa, but decided the other way. Yeh!

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