The 90’s was indisputably the best era, ever. I may just be biased, but life was good back then. I am reminiscing about being a kid and not having a care in the world. This was still before the dot-com bubble/internet boom, a time when people did things. Want to download a song? Wait for it on the radio and copy it to a cassette. Want to send a text to someone? Go over and say it in person.

The times were simpler – and they were better. Now people are glued to computers like it’s an addiction. Social networks are promoting pretentiousness. Even elementary kids are shoving smart phones into their faces. How bizarre. I never had that luxury, and I’m glad I never did. I’m certainly no luddite, but is the direction that society is heading towards really for the better? It is important to look around and slow down the pace, or else life will just pass by.

I plan on adding the Billboards Top 100 from the 90’s into my car’s playlist. Music back then was great, not to mention the nostalgia… Far better than hearing stupid lyrics from today’s “artists”.

“The square root of 69 is 8 something, right?” – Drake. WTF. I need to find a time machine.

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