It is common nowadays for people to inappropriately associate modifying a car as “building” it. In essence, modifying a car is simply changing parts around with aftermarket doodads and giving it a personal touch. Even a high-school kid with a 20 year old Japanese, 2-door compact can do it. I feel that it is more accurate to define building a car as invasively modifying a car with the requirement of hand-craftsmanship and fabrication work. Otherwise, don’t go around self-inflating yourself by specifying how your car was built, not bought (a la this sick sticker). You surely didn’t build that stainless steel fart-can or those eBay coilovers, did you?

Curmugdeonry and ranting aside, one example on how to really build a car is by fully restoring a 1965 Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA to FIA Appendix K standards. This includes aluminum panel work (the roof was straightened and fetted), a seam-welded chassis, and an amazing twin-cam with twin Weber carbs.

Recaro SPG > Bride.

I’ve always admired the classical beauty and glamour of 60’s era cars. An Alfa Romeo built to this caliber is definitely on my dream list. Right along with a Jaguar E-Type (XK-E) coupe and a ’63 split window Stingray.

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