With the Gateway out of commission, I decided that the times were ripe to try out a Mac. I’ve been a PC/Windows user all my life, but I figured I could benefit from the ease of use and well-rounded package a Mac offers. I’m not a gamer and truthfully, my computing needs are relatively simple. I just require that a computer to handle the basics, but handle the basics superbly. My decision on which Mac to get was easy. I originally planned on waiting out for the new Macbook Pro, which hopefully will have a Retina display of sorts, but then I woke up and realized that I have no need for a laptop. A desktop is far more comfortable to use.

So I went with the 3.1GHZ 27″ iMac. It was really the allure of the gloriously sized display that drew me in. A couple clicks on Amazon and then it became a waiting game. The computer actually came in last Thursday…

…but right out of the box I got a kernel panic within half an hour of use. Hmm… I never got the equivalent of a Blue Screen of Death from my Gateway, yet this Apple already threw me one. It wasn’t a fluke either, throughout my total of only a few hours of use, I encountered a handful of kernel panics. I called Apple Care that Saturday to see what could be done, which is when I also noticed 2 dead pixels on the screen. Very shaky grounds to enter the Mac world, in my opinion. Luckily the Support was quite good, and I was able to exchange the iMac with another one from a local Apple store (even though I purchased from Amazon).

Now I’m typing this post on iMac #2. Unfortunately I’m still not out of the woods yet because the kernel panics haven’t gone away. Every time I use this computer, it feels like I’m racing against a bomb detonation. All of this has surely put a shadow over the whole Mac experience.

Anyway, the whole reason why I haven’t been posting lately is because I didn’t have a computer. Now that I sort of do, I’ll see what I can update as there is a lot of overdue content to catch up on.

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