So far, I’ve been pretty good at hiding any emotion of regret from selling my RX-7. Well, I think I may be going through withdrawals and I can’t hide it anymore…

My cursed pattern has been to work and build on something, and then sell it. I should have kept the RX-7. I should have kept the Miata. I should have kept the CBR. In a Utopian world, I would have unlimited funds and storage space. Unfortunately, this is not the case, which is why I have been forced to sell and sell. I just don’t have the capacity to hold onto something that is deemed unnecessary or superfluous. Maybe this stems from my inherently minimalistic nature.

Whatever it is, I need to break the chain. I need to STICK with one thing. Although my past projects and endeavors have lost me substantial amounts of money, they at least gained me one invaluable essential – experience.

I know I go through ups and downs. Right now I’m in an old-man stage. I think modifying a car is pointless and that European cars are superior. While adult in mindset, I am starting to feel that being wise and making the “right” choice isn’t always the funnest path. I’m getting old fast, but I will have plenty of time to be “old” later.

I stopped riding and don’t have a bike anymore, so what hobby or toy do I really have now? I have the Mini, but that’s more of a collectible for me more than anything. If I really want to drive a car, I’m still a man that likes precision… and big 6-pot brakes. And then I have the Fiat (*facepalm*). How low I have stooped. What am I going to do now… fuck it, might as well try fishing or something.

Or I can go back to my dirty roots. Which is what my instincts have been yearning for lately. I’m talking about being a ricer again. I have no shame in it, because I am simply not high-strung enough to drive around in a fancy luxury car. I have very particular tastes and I like working on projects. Although wrenching is very taxing and difficult at times, I ultimately see it as a challenging puzzle.

I can lose my motivation for cars and I can publicly discard all the work I’ve done to them, but one fact is certain – I will never be able to kick the habit. Might as well embrace it…

Check out Ken from Shine Auto Project‘s RX-7, with a recent addition of Desmond Marquis Promadas (Macdaddy Regamasters) on A048’s.

Looking at that car gives me bad thoughts. I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a strictly track drift car, a la a 240SX Coupe with a TRA Kyoto 6666 kit… but if my lesson from Motorcycles has taught me anything, it’s that a track-only vehicle will not be used frequently. I doubt I’d be able to go to the track that often. Plus, Mr. Freshlove expertly noted that a grip car is more useful and adaptable than a drift-only car.

With that said, I think a “cool” street car would be my best bet. The KEY here is to get a car that I can drive routinely. The less I am able to use something… the more likely I’ll sell it.

I’m just thinking aloud here. I have no idea what is going to happen or what direction I’ll take. Who knows, I may just take up fishing and forget all this car nonsense.

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  1. did you watch the poetry in motion video on my blog? if you haven’t, do so… if you love something treat it right, enjoy life, and if your name is eve.. eat the damn apple..

    YOLO, unless you become a zombie

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