This post is prolifically overdue, but I haven’t had many occasions where I could combine sitting down idly with a motivation to write together. During the entire month of June and the beginning of July, I’ve been busy. Not really busy in the true sense of the word, but more in a customary, routine sort of way. I think “occupied” is the more appropriate adjective to use.

I’ve been taking care of 2 Summer session classes on top of my normal full-time job. I am typically the laziest of students, but there wasn’t much room for me to shortcut or slack off since the session was condensed into 5 weeks. I essentially went into an auto-pilot mode for those 5 weeks, just to get by them.

Rinsing and repeating my days is only part of the story. During this time, there was also A LOT of exciting, new developments going on in the background; however, they required time to be worked out and were in the planning phases. The anticipation was great, and the fact that I could do little else but wait for everything to come to fruition made life go into slow-mo. What exactly am I talking about? Stay tuned. I can safely say that I now have a backlog of content to expound upon.

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