In addition to planning for the RX-7, there was another major event occurring in life… moving houses. The way we were able to find and buy this house was rather crazy and unorthodox. Randomly one afternoon back in June, I was given a tip that a house may be for sale in a particularly keen neighborhood. I immediately grabbed my family to go check it out that same evening. When my Dad called the agent to see if it was available, she said all offers had been received and they were going to pick one that very night. We were close, but it looked like it was too late. The bidding was over.

The following morning I found out that my Dad called the agent again later that night, and was able to convince her with an intent to buy and got a bid in. Everything else fell into place, and somehow a month later, the house was ours. We were even able to get our old house sold almost immediately. Of course there were the usual hiccups and obstacles along the way, but for such a complex matter, the whole process went remarkably smoothly.

The new house was basically bought sight unseen, since we were initially only able to get a glimpse of the exterior. I was confident that the house would be good, just being in the neighborhood made it self-evident. The reason why the decision was made with no hesitation is because houses rarely go up for sale in this neighborhood. We weren’t even originally planning on moving nor were we shopping, but this was simply something that couldn’t be passed up.

It took a lot of effort, determination, and luck… but I’m very thankful it worked out. This is the first home I’ve lived in that I can thoroughly be proud of. My family has moved over a dozen times over the years. The majority of the places I’ve lived in ranged from everything from rundown apartments to a townhouse under a large powerline to antiquated small houses.

Of all the past homes, my most recent location was probably the most decent. Although overall it was fine, the house was very generic and “average”. It was your typical, run-of-the-mill large suburban development type house, in a so-so area. Since I’m in California, there was virtually no lot… the backyard was just a strip. All the other houses in the neighborhood were packed together like sardines. Certainly livable, but not stellar or out of the ordinary. Take for example the view from the window of my old room.

Here’s the view from my new room’s window.

What can I say, I’m loving it. Couldn’t have asked for much more.

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