After nearly 6 long weeks, the day has arrived and I picked up my RX-7 this evening. The car is finally rid of the awful sideskirts and wing, and the body has been restored to a better than new brilliance. The new paint came out amazing and up to expectations. It looks better than OEM paint and is of course much higher quality. People looking at the car can’t really tell that it was repainted, and that is the kind of result you want with a paint job. The body work was done thoroughly, holes were welded up (including the center-most ones on the hatch where the previous spoiler mounted), the rock guard was corrected and brought back, all dents were removed, etc.

On top of the major stuff, a lot of smaller details were taken care of. I had the car’s tint removed from the side windows and rear hatch. I’m personally not a fan of tints, I feel that they cheapen a car. I prefer the fish bowl look with clear glass. Additionally, all 4 fenders were hammer-rolled flat prior to paint. It’s great that I don’t have to use a fender roller this time around. The benefit of manually hammering the fender lip flat is the ability to retain the body. The byproduct of using a fender roller is that a small pull tends to occur. With the sheet metal of the FD being relatively thin, the rear quarter panels are very susceptible to dimpling when rolling too aggressively. My new diffuser and spoiler were also mounted.

Anyway, I’m pleased/relieved with the results and glad that the car is back at home. High recommendations goes out to William’s Auto Body.

There is still so much to do; however, I’m taking 4 classes at school and the quarter just started this week. On top of working full time, I definitely have my plate full. I’ll have to work on the car at a slower pace and on the weekends when I can. As they say, you can’t rush quality.

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