The RX-7 is still at the body shop being worked on, so in the meantime, here’s a quick tour of what’s in store.

My freshly painted ’99 bumper has been sitting happily on the shelves. Below it rests the associated ’99 rebar and undertray. It’s possible to reuse the pre-99 rebars by enlarging the pair of side holes to accommodate the larger ’99 combo lights, but I want everything to be as thorough and authentic as possible. That’s why I bought the undertray and also new brake ducts as well, although these items differ only slightly in dimensions. Changing over to the ’99 bumper is essentially a front end conversion.

For the footwork, I chose to go with Stance Pro Comp (XR) coilovers and Work XD9s wrapped in Federal 595 RS-R tires. Courtesy of Rishie from AutoRnD. I’ll go into greater detail once I get around to installing these.

The coilovers and wheels were actually some of the earlier parts that I purchased, as in before I even secured the car. From the very beginning, my vision for this car was clear and fairly specific… manifested from a culmination of what I learned through my first RX-7 and other past experiences. Now, everything in between is just work and persistence to achieve that vision. And acquiring an almost endless list of parts, one by one and dollar by dollar.

Here’s more of what I have staged, referring to the mound of stuff to the left of the Parts Bin boxes. Do not be deceived by the inconspicuous packagings, a sizable amount of JDM-goodness can be found.

This is all pregaming before the party starts.

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