This particular spoiler was always one that caught my interest. I’ve always liked the look of the carbon fiber spoilers on NSX-Rs, and I think the FEED Type II bears the closest resemblance for an RX-7 option.

The Ferrari F40 LM’s rear spoiler is another (more extreme) influence for this style.

The FEED spoiler is slightly bigger than a factory R1/2 package counterpart, and having the carbon fiber center section adds a nice touch to the car. It is different and aggressive, yet subtle at the same time. Big thanks to Shine Auto Project for making me this spoiler, I know that this is their third revision. They improved upon the original and it is quite a sturdy product.

In addition to painting the end pieces, I had William reclear the center section and he also added tint to it. This made the carbon fiber darker and more true to black.

The center section is adjustable via 3 detent levels. At the highest setting, it’s pretty much useless because the angle is so severe and it’d serve to only cause more drag. The pictures below are at the middle height.

It was still too high for my tastes, so I lowered it to the lowest setting. The clearance for the fastener was tight at this position, and I had to bring in the dremel to make it work. It’s always a little unnerving to use a dremel, but even more so on a freshly painted part. A few minutes of careful grinding and a pair of stainless steel washers later, it was good to go.

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