There is a reason why people refer to their cars as “money pits”, because every little thing is expensive. I’m finding it near impossible to place an order that doesn’t somehow end up coming close to $100, take for example this innocent looking baggie of LED bulbs.

If I want to boggle the mind of a peer, I can simply unveil my stack of receipts for this car, which itself is growing taller in height at an alarming rate. Ranting aside, let’s get back to the subject of these LEDs. It was not my initial intention to buy minor details items now, as I want to focus on handling the more substantial aspects of the car first. But since the ’99 combo lights are hard to remove once the bumper is installed and I wanted to upgrade the day time running bulbs in them, I figured now would be more convenient to invest in the LEDs.

Before (you can see the standard bulb jutting out in the driving light opening):

After… with a Cree 3-watt LED. The optical lens makes it look like a small projector. I specifically chose this one because it has 3 LEDs on the side around the circumference, which should help round-out the light output.

I also want to upgrade the map, dome, trunk, license plate, and rear side marker lights to LED counterparts. I decided not to go crazy and change out every single bulb on the car to LEDs, rather, just enough to give the car a noticeable touch and difference.

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