From where I’m sitting, Fujita Engineering (FEED)’s shop car is the de facto pinnacle of all RX-7s. It’s great to see tuning companies like FEED continue to push the envelope with a chassis that is now 2 decades old.

Excerpt from the video description:

Established on [sic] 1982, Fujita Engineering (or FEED) is now a 30-year old company. Yet, their passion for rotary motorsports is as hot as ever. The FD3S in this video was their new shop-car, built to become “the fastest street-legal RX-7”.

As a matter of fact, this car has already proven to be the fastest. On December 2011, it won the class championship of the country’s hottest time-attack event “Tsukuba Super Battle”.

3 months later, on March 2012 when this video was shot, once again Fujita Engineering was at Tsukuba Circuit to verify what they had been developing throughout the winter was correct. Under fine weather, brand new Advan tires, and having the right driver, the car marked 57.511 sec at the attack at end of the day – beating their own Super Battle record by 0.5 sec. Looks like Fujita Engineering RX-7 is going to win the time-attack again this year.

[Car Info] – Attack Driver: Nobuteru Taniguchi (particularly on this day)
– Tires: Advan A050 295/35R18
– Wheels: Advan Racing TC III 11.0J+30
– Remaining Devices, Air conditioner, audio equipment, catalyzer, H-pattern shifting
– Honors: Winner of 2011 Tsukuba Super Battle / Street S-class (58.051 sec)

[Fujita Engineering] – English:
– Japanese:


I find it hard to describe what it is about this car that I like so much. It’s not really one particular thing, but the whole package and what the car does. It has a certain swag, not only from being FEED’s shop car, but also because the goal was to break time records and still remain street legal.

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