It is now coming to the end of the 5th week since I first dropped the RX-7 off at the body shop. Good work takes time, which is why I have been compliant and patient… but believe me, it’s been an anxious wait. I swung by the shop again today on my way home from work to check on the car, and it’s looking good. The main body work is done and the car itself has been sprayed already. Completion is near, but still about a week away.

I took a couple of pictures, although these are basically useless because 1.) I used my camera phone on a black car in the sun and 2.) the clearcoat is cut (wetsanded before polishing) at this stage. Hard to tell, but the lower majority of the car is all sanded. I can’t wait to see it all shine in the finished form.

The hood was discovered to have strange, tiny waterspot-like blotches all over. They are only visible up close and under certain lighting, but that is no excuse and I decided to continue with having it repainted. Originally, the hood was going to be the single body panel that would not be touched.

Now the entire car will have a new PPG Global clearcoat. Interestingly, I also learned today that Mazda used single-stage paint for all the solid colors of the RX-7: Brilliant Black, Chaste White, and Vintage Red (only Montego Blue, Competition Yellow Mica, and Silver Stone Metallic came in 2-stage with clear). I was never a fan of Mazda’s factory paint to begin with, but this detail further justifies all the effort that is being exerted into essentially “converting” the paintwork to a modern, high-quality 2-stage.

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