I went for the OEM route with the steering wheel, in the flavor of a ’99 Nardi. The pre-’99 steering wheels, much like the tail lights, are one of the worst items on the car. Not only is it hideous, but the 380mm diameter is too large. When driving, it literally sits on my lap.

Granted the ’99 Nardi is only 10mm smaller at 370mm, but that is still an appreciable difference. As soon as I received the steering wheel, I took it to DCT Motorsports in Mountain View to have it rewrapped in Alcantara. New padding was fitted to make the girth 1mm thicker. The stitching was done in a European diamond pattern, and sectioned into quarters – influenced by the Porsche GT3 RS steering wheel. Everything is black on black, I’m not a fan of the “JDM” red nonsense.

After sitting on my workbench for the past couple of months, I finally had the chance to throw it on.

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