For the fourth time, I’ve bought yet another pair of black on black alcantara shift and e-brake boots from Redline Goods. This is a staple of mine and works well on any car… a must-have detail; especially so with the RX-7 because there is already so much suede material inside, the boots tie the theme together nicely.

Here is a work-in-progress picture of the interior:

I remember during the first day when I was driving the car, I went to pull off the detachable ashtray and the entire shifter surround trim lifted up with it. It turned out the the trim piece was missing a few spring clips. So I bought a new set of those clips to properly secure it, as well as a new ’94+ trim piece (just because). Later on, I noticed a half-inch rip on the side of the vinyl transmission tunnel cover, so that too was replaced. I can’t help it, Ray Crowe at Malloy Mazda has great service and offers club pricing on new OEM FD parts… it’s too easy.

Before picture:

And After with the new goodies in place:

(I really dislike the A-pillar gauges, but they’ll have to stay… for now)

I went with the FEED shift knob to match the roll bar. The ashtray was ditched, because I don’t smoke and never will, in favor of a more usable armrest which doubles as a small compartment. Since this is a JDM item, the lid opens reversely.

To further refresh the interior, I threw in a pair of berber floor mats with a black serged border. I had the RX-7 logo moved from the side of the mats to the middle-center, around knee depth.

New vs Old:

Passenger side:

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    1. It’s part of a Pioneer double DIN install kit. Search Pioneer on this website and one of the posts should have it listed.

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