One of the parts I wish I could have kept from the Mini Cooper was the Braille B2317 battery. I was eager to have this battery again so I bought another one, but forgot to account for the direction of the posts. When it came time to drop it in, I realized the RX-7 needs a reverse post version to fit properly. Out came the credit card yet again to correct the issue…

Currently, the regular post B2317 battery is adorning my shelf and collecting dust, in case anyone reading is interested and wants to pick it up.

With fresh tail light bulbs installed at the rear, I had to do something about the headlights as well. Admittedly, I briefly thought about using a drop-in HID kit but luckily was able to slap myself out of it. Regardless of how often I’ll actually be driving this car, I refused to pool myself with all the assholes and amateurs who blind everyone with their HID’s. If you have halogen housings, either properly retrofit a set of HID projectors so the cut-off can be aimed or just don’t use HID’s.

In the end, I decided on going with a pair of H4 PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs (like I did with the Miata). There was an option to buy new housings with HID projectors already retrofitted, however, I didn’t think it would mesh well with the RX-7. Pop-up headlights with projectors… wasn’t feeling it. While I’ll upgrade and modernize things like the head unit, other areas should remain the same to retain the 90’s era novelty.

The headlight covers have to come off in order to access the bulbs. A couple weeks ago, I noticed a strange but very slight dimple on the passenger side headlight cover. In the time that has passed, I bought a new OEM cover and had William repaint it. I guess I really am picky.

Before everything was buttoned back up and adjusted, I took care of the cloudiness in the headlights (after working on the car for weeks in the garage, all the smudges and dirt that have accumulated are rather evident in this picture):

After, good as new with a bit of polishing:

Here’s a picture of what the lights look like when on. You can also see the Cree LED’s in the combo lights, which have a nice blue to them.

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