I had to save installing the front bumper until near the end to keep it out of the way of things. The car looked quite incomplete without it, though.

I started off by putting on the ’99 rebar and under tray.

The bumper was then carefully inserted into the fender holes, which is definitely a 2-person job. While flexing the sides into position, they can easily spring out and scratch the fender so it was done with the utmost care and delicacy. With the bumper in place, I slowly adjusted all the gaps. As good as some aftermarket bumpers may be, you just can’t beat OEM polyurethane in terms of (ease of) fitment.

Last but not least, I bolted on my ’99 carbon fiber lip (don’t mind the compound dust).


I still need to play with the headlight covers, but will get to that when I install the new bulbs.

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