Allow me to start this off with a brief backstory. Around the same time I bought my RX-7, the seller picked up this car.

Its owner lost the time and motivation needed to finish the car (build thread here), since the engine needed rebuilding, so she sold it as-is with a fate of being a parts car.

I knew that this particular RX-7 had a titanium FEED Sonic exhaust, and while keenly monitoring the part-out thread, I noticed that it was never listed for sale. This didn’t deter me, I wanted this exhaust and was willing to pull some strings (said strings were conveniently attached to my wallet). Everything is for sale if the price is right. It took a full week of slowly bugging and negotiating with the seller, and then another 2 weeks to eventually receive it.

The effort was worth it in my book, this is my grail exhaust. Full titanium and is super light weight. I didn’t bust out the scales to determine the exact number, but for reference, the straight-through stainless steel midpipe in the pictures below weighs more than the FEED catback.

I cannot handle large fart cans anymore. They will not go near my car. I like the FEED exhaust because of its understated yet exotic looks. Simple in design but brilliant in execution. The tip bends inwards to reduce the severity of the exit angle.

JASMA approved, too.

Decidedly, I perpetuated my intentions to make this car’s aesthetics subtle by ditching the carbon fiber street diffuser. Instead, I bought a new OEM rear valance. With the rear end more sedate, the exhaust becomes more of a focal point.

Since I’m going with a straight through midpipe, I had Nichol’s Manufacturing cut out this restrictor plate for me. I’m hoping this will be enough to keep boost creep at bay. I’m using the midpipe not for power gains, but to provide a more freely flowing exhaust system to help with engine temperatures.

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