I’m slowing down the pace with the RX-7 and catching my breath. Satisfied with the progress made thus far and how the car sits today, I would like to take a moment to reflect.

Choosing the path that I did with the RX-7 was a major decision and ultimately an irreversible one. This was going to be a project in every sense of the word. Anyone who has undertaken and experienced cars in the same manner that I have will be able to relate.

For example, on the rare occasion I see a properly executed and well-equipped car, I am able to truly appreciate the work and money invested. I especially favor the clean yet understated machines. To an untrained eye, they may simply look like a “slightly” modded car… but for those that know, there is far more to it than that. On the flip-side, the flashier, attention grabbing cars are more often than not to be ones with inferior workmanship and motive.

With that said, let me cut to the chase and be blunt here. Including the price of the car itself, I have enough invested to buy a C6 ZO6 or E92 M3 (both of which are great options). So I’ve been asked, why didn’t I just do that? Why dump all this money and exert so much effort into an old Mazda? Let me ask you this, why be average?

To try and rationalize: after much introspection, I concluded that I’m not the type of person who can get into a car – and be done with it. So-called “enthusiasts” are a dime a dozen. Anyone can open their wallet, buy a car, then masquerade as a guru. Standing in parking lots and spewing facts that you found on Wikipedia about your fancy Lotus just doesn’t cut it. You earn your stripes from the school of hard knocks, having the money is only half of the equation. Now, I’m not trying to downplay buying a high-end or new sports car, because I have nothing against that. My point is more original and less mainstream choices are viable. The easy way is not always the funnest.

I was never much of an artist on paper or canvas, but I’d like to think that I have a creative mind. Cars provide me a medium for expression and I also see them as complex puzzle. This is why I decided to follow the path less traveled and went back to the RX-7. I am quite proud to be able to know that I personally uplifted this car at the end of it all. Furthermore, I am funding everything out of my own pocket. This RX-7 is truly my baby and an achievement to me, and I can wholeheartedly back that. I know it’s just an old Mazda, but I prefer the subtlety anyway – it offers better and more candid rewards.

This is a project that I’ve sunk myself so deep into that a point of return no longer exists. I’m okay with that, I want to test my perseverance. Steadfastness and vision underpin quality work. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

One thought on “Afterword: Not Your Average

  1. +1 on rome wasn’t built in a day. i got myself in this Ventura guitar project for many years, and had to go through trial and error, on top of learning MORE stuff about the guitar, and now i have FINALLY settled with what i ideally see what my guitar needs. f*ck it, life’s what you make it. not sure where my flow of thought is going, but i agree on that last statement in this post. lol

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