An impact wrench is one of those tools that you don’t really “NEED”, it’s just really nice to have. I still prefer the manual way with a ratchet when applicable, but there are a few instances where an impact wrench is essentially required. Although slightly overdue, I figured it was time to add one to my tool arsenal.

I ended up picking up this cordless Craftsman C3 1/2″ impact wrench from the local Sears for around $100. To put this into perspective, one of my Snap-on ratchets costs as much. Initially, I wanted to get a Makita unit, but it was too expensive and catered more towards professionals. I’m only a hobbyist mechanic, so I based my choice upon my needs. The Craftsman is rated to 200 ft/lbs, and even if it’s overrated, that should still be plenty.

I think the added convenience it provides makes for a great bang-for-the-buck.

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