With much of the stock intake and intercooler removed, I spent a couple more hours ripping out the remaining portion of the engine bay’s front half.

First on the hit-list was the radiator, then followed by the air conditioner condenser and compressor.


Next I took off the power steering pump…


…The large bracket that holds on both the power steering pump and A/C compressor…


…And finally the air pump.


By the end of it, the engine bay is starting to look a lot less cluttered and more open.



Here’s a look at the work environment up until now, with a cameo from resident Garage Dog Blue.


People may think I’m crazy to have removed the power steering and A/C, but after much thought, I’m certain I’ll be better off without them. The underlying impetus of this engine project is to reduce fail-points and simplify. I like my sports cars to be raw and basic. Whether or not the masses agree with me doesn’t matter. I’m long past the point of return to still have the option of selling this car. The plus side is, I am fully enabled to mold the car to my needs and liking. The direction I’m heading towards with this RX-7 is a more hardcore street car that still retains the fundamental creature comforts, and can also be dual-purposed for track-duty. Think Porsche GT3 RS or BMW CSL-esque.

Anyway, next up – the sequential turbos.

3 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. What pulley set up did you run after you removed the Power steering, A/C and Air pump ? Banazi Racing ? I’m curious now.

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