Phase 3 has begun. I’m shifting my so-called phases around and tackling Phase 3 (engine) first. Part of Phase 2 (primarily brakes and a few other minor things) will be postponed. While the logic behind the gradual sequence of the phases made sense, the time in-between them did not. I’ve seen people work on their cars for years and years… Well, I simply decided I’m not going to wait around to finish this car. I don’t want to grow old before I can enjoy it. Carpe Diem, baby.

I just finished my recent semester’s finals at school, but there’s no time to rest. My plan is to take advantage of whatever short break I have this Winter to make as much headway as possible with the engine. By the time New Years rolls around, I’ll be back to being crazy busy again with work and school.

Before doing anything, I thoroughly covered up the front end. Better safe than sorry and I’m not taking any chances, especially after how much the paint work cost.



Here’s another good look at the virtually 100% stock engine bay. Hopefully things will be looking much more serious-business soon.


This evening, I started off by removing the stock intake, intercooler, and drained the radiator. Check out the small mound that accumulated… all this is only from the intake and intercooler.


That cleared up some room, but it’s only the beginning.



3 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party Started

  1. just wasted an hour on your blog since i havnt been keeping up. cool volvo! looks like a fun daily. i can’t wait to finally the rx7 in person. keep posting eric! hopefully we will bump heads randomly at a late night hk style restaurant and go for a random drive at 4am in the morning. take it easy.

    1. Thanks for checking back! One of these days we’ll bump into each other again, and hopefully by then my car will be ready. Random late night excursions are fun.

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