Since I’ve been predominantly focusing on ripping things out of the car, it’s probably counter-intuitive to think that I am actually making good progress – but I think I am.

Today, I moved into the interior and finally got a chance to de-rice the car by taking out the dual A-pillar gauges. I was fixed on removing these from day one. When buying the car, I requested that the 2 other gauges mounted to the center speaker location on the dash be omitted from the sale. In the end, only the gauges were removed but not the lines going to them under the dash, so I took care of that as well.

Judging by how many lines there were, it’s fair to say I’ve undone what was a rather intensive installation.


Replaced this ugly thing with a new, gauge-less OEM A-pillar.


I like my interior to be clutter-less. I can get all the information I’ll need from the Apex’i PowerFC’s Commander (which I plan to install tomorrow).

I also finished off the removal of the Air Conditioning system by taking out the large evaporator sitting behind the glovebox, in the passenger-side footwell.


Removing the evaporator frees up a lot of space, but leaves a large empty gap. The evaporator additionally served to connect together the heater core. One option gut out the shell of the evaporator and then install it back in, so the heater can still function. Or, there is a specific duct available to go in place of the evaporator on non-A/C equipped RX-7’s, which I am going to try and procure (Mazda part number FD01-61-150b). This should provide a more elegant solution. If it’s unavailable, I will revert to the former option.

All together, I’d wager the entire A/C system weighing around 35-40lbs. The bulk of its weight is from the compressor, everything is else relatively light. Regardless, not having the lines spread all over the engine bay is worth it alone.

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