After buttoning up the UIM, it was not long before I took it all back off again shortly after. Thankfully, uninstalling the UIM now is a far less intensive task. There are only 3 electrical connectors and about 3-4 vacuum lines hanging to it.

I was never quite happy with how the secondary rail to primary rail line was connected. The distance between these 2 rails were so short, the only possible way I could make it work was with a pair of 90* fittings and a hose that bent upwards. This was not exactly ideal. Secondly, I noticed that the primary rail to fuel pressure regulator had extra length in it, causing a superfluous bend in the middle.

I decided there was no skirting around the issue and set out to redo these lines. Initially, I planned on just optimizing the lengths and keeping the same routing… but then decided to cross over the lines instead. This would get rid of the extremely short and awkward connection between the secondary and primary rails, because the line now routes to the other side of the primary rail. I also tried using a pair of 180* fittings for this connection, and a short, straight section of hose in between. This ended up not working due to clearance issues and was extremely hard to install. I had to take off the primary rail and pre-install the line onto it, to even try the test fit.

Later, I made another line consisting of a 180* and a 90* fitting. Then another consisting of a 180* and a 120* fitting, which finally resulted in a solution I was happy with. For the primary rail to FPR connection, I used a short hose with a 90* and a 150* fitting.



Since it took multiple attempts and trials, I opted to forgo the circumspection of enlisting gym-going friends to help. By this point, I figured out the procedure of installing the fittings down to a science – which made pushing them on quite easy.

I went through countless different fittings and had to order another spool of fuel hose to finish the job. Needless to say, routing the fuel system was overall an overly tedious ordeal.

Before installing the UIM back on, I took the opportunity to wrap the lines in heat sleeves. This should help to prolong the fuel hose’s lifespan and lower fuel temperatures.


Another item that bugged me was on the UIM itself. One of the studs that held on the Accelerated Warm-up System broke off when trying to remove it. This meant I could install the block-off plate with only one bolt. It still clamped down well enough and looked to be sealing, but managed to linger in my mind. So, I took action and asked FFTEC to obviate the block-off plates altogether and weld-plug everything up.


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