I took care of a few odds and ends by double checking the fuel pump and wastegates’ springs. Kind of boring, but this had to be done because these components are so crucial.

When I bought the car, one of the items on its rather minimal mod-list was a Denso Supra Twin Turbo fuel pump. These flow well past 400whp and significantly more than the factory RX-7 unit, which is insufficient for much more than stock power. There was no way I could overlook this, so I popped off the fuel pump cover and stuck my cellphone in to snap a few pictures.

I was able to grab the part number off the pump, and sure enough – Supra fuel pump confirmed.


Next, I double checked the springs on my Tial wastegates (more on these in a later post). I specifically requested to have 12 psi springs pre-installed and I will not be using a boost controller.


Blue and Black springs were in both wastegates, these are Tial’s current colors to denote a 12 psi combo. Check.

At one point, I was able to reinstall the upper intake manifold and hook up the fuel pressure regulator.


The fuel pressure gauge isn’t installed here, because I had to reorder one. I spent an hour looking all over my garage for the gauge… only to find it chewed up in my dog’s crate the next morning. He usually doesn’t touch anything in the garage, but the small size of the gauge must have made it look like a ball. Oh well.


And here’s the Greddy compression elbow, a staple of any RX-7’s engine bay.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t entirely happy with a couple of the fuel lines. One line had a bend I didn’t like to it, and the other was too long. So off came the UIM again. I’m still working on this part… to be continued.

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