After amassing all the necessary silicone couplers and clamps, it was time to fabricate the intercooler piping to connect it all together. Ben from Rotary Extreme was nice enough to come by and lend a hand with this part. As I mentioned before, everything about this build can be broken up into individual components that require their own mini-projects. Cutting up the pipes proved to be a bigger job than expected, so I took Ben’s advices and finished it up myself.

For the hotside pipe, I clocked the turbo towards the strut tower and trimmed down a 90* reducer elbow. The pipe was a 90* L-pipe that was sectioned.

Once it was cut and filed, I had a pair of vacuum nipples welded on and beads rolled on.


The finished product. One vacuum line goes to the injector atomization port on the LIM, and the other one goes to the front wastegate’s bottom port.


Everything was cut the old fashioned way with a hacksaw. To get all the edges sanded down flat and squared, I employed an intuitive trick: rub the pipe against the sidewalk (I used a set of stone blocks from my backyard). As ghetto-fabulous as this sounds, it works surprisingly well.

The cold side piping was more intricate. I used a combination of a 45* elbow and another 90* L-pipe. I marked their alignments and where the BOV’s flange should be welded on.


Back from welding and test-fitted.


Installed with a shiny new Tial Q in place. The coupler from the throttle body elbow is slightly too short. I have to get a custom length one manufactured.


My hood is at the painters so I had to make the pipes without its reference. Fingers crossed the hood will shut without hitting anything. Otherwise it’s going to be back to square one.

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