I want to do a quick comparison between the silicone couplers that SiliconeIntakes.com and SiliconeHose.com sells. When I was hunting down the couplers I needed, many of the other brands did not have all the sizes in stock. This lead me to SiliconeIntakes.com, which benefits from a readily available inventory.

They were well priced too, so I decided to try them out. The couplers are made from a 4-ply construction as advertised, but after inspecting them in person, something about the quality was off to me.

I was then turned to SiliconeHose.com and decided to re-buy my set of couplers. These ones are made by Flex Technologies in-house at their Southern California location. I was far more impressed with the build of these couplers, they felt dense, rigid, and less noodle-like in comparison to SiliconeIntakes’ product.



SiliconeIntakes (2.5″ to 3″ reducer) is on the left and Flex Technologies (2.75″ to 3″ reducer) is on the right. You can see how the latter has the nice orange inner layers. As always, buy the good stuff.

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