A couple weeks ago, I got out of classes early one day and made my way over to AutoRnD. I used to always get my alignments done at Auto Innovations in Milpitas, but Rishie at AutoRnD has a nice, new Hunter rack and I wanted to take advantage of it.


This was the first time in my experience when over an hour of labor time was spent, and when the alignment results came out exact across the board. Rishie was methodical and adjusted everything into spec. Since alignments are typically flat-rate jobs, most places simply do what they can and get within ballpark to the desired measurements, and then send you on your way.

I opted to run -2.5* of camber all-around with 1/16″ of toe up front.


After swapping in the manual steering rack and guesstimating the toe, the front alignment was initially way off and required broad adjustments. Unfortunately, once it was all complete, the front-end of the car actually dropped by almost 1/4″. This meant I had to go back home and bust out the coilover spanners to redo the ride height once more. Obviously, doing so also negated the perfect alignment I just received. I’ll eventually go back and get a second alignment.

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