Although I had the rear bumper debadged except for the main emblem, I added back the RX-7 logo in an updated, “Efini” form. These are stick-on and go on the right, passenger side of the bumper. As if this wasn’t cool enough, I wanted the more obscure, red lettering version.

The Mazda part number for this is F100-51-711B. Even down to an emblem, everything needs to be as authentic and quality as possible. While expensive, I was at least able to find one available.


There is another portion to this emblem that has a rectangular Efini badge underneath, but I decided to omit it.

6 thoughts on “RX-7 Emblem

    1. Great deal! Where did you get yours? I had to pay around $50 for mine… which is definitely up there for a small emblem, in my opinion.

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