I picked up a fire extinguisher bracket with a quick release from Sake Bomb Garage. This version mounts in the rear trunk, which I liked. I didn’t want to have a fire extinguisher sitting too visibly in the cabin since this is not a full-on race car.


Keeping a fire extinguisher on hand is a good precautionary measure – you can never be too safe. In total, it adds an extra 3lbs to the car but can be the saving grace that prevents a total loss. No one ever buys a fire extinguisher expecting anything to happen, but the smart ones will buy one anyway.

I specifically bought an Amerex Halon fire extinguisher. Halon is a clean agent gas that chemically disrupts combustion and leaves no residue. The agenda is to maximize salvageability so once the fire is stopped, further damage won’t be incurred with residue everywhere.


The bracket utilizes the driver-side rear trim panel’s studs.


Here is what the assembly looks like all-together.


Keen eyes may notice that the fire extinguisher was installed pre-RX-7 badge… I’ve just been delayed in making this post.


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