This post should offer clues into a major project that I am undertaking. I would like to share the new quick release I picked up, from Oregon based Rothsport Racing. I think the fact that I actually favored this particular quick release over a Works Bell unit speaks to its standards. The downside to the quick release is its lofty price, but after having discovered it, everything else seemed like settling for second best.

I was immediately attracted to its simplicity and lightweight appeal. Rothsport actually based their design upon the Porsche Motorsport Cup quick release. It features a spline-less, elliptical engagement so the wheel can only go on one way. Its functionality is so easy you can release and reattach the wheel with one hand.



I chose the anodized gold finish for the ring. The intent wasn’t to really match anything or color-coordinate in this case, I just wanted gold for that added bling factor.

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