With the hood freshly repainted, for the third time, I wanted to take additional measures to protect it from engine heat. In the long run, this will be better for the paint and especially the molding areas of the vent. Expansion and contraction from heat of 2 dissimilar materials that are bonded together should be minimized with cruciality.

I initially retrieved the factory hoodliner and tried mocking up a pair of holes for the vents, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. These hoodliners are prone to becoming brittle and breaking apart, so it was more worthwhile to find a better solution. Instead, I bought a 48″x24″ sheet of reflective heat barrier. After a few careful measurements and transpositions, I cut out 2 holes in the heat barrier for the vents.

Once applied to the hood, I used gold reflective tape for bordering. It took me 3 weeks to finally finish this heat shield because I kept running out of gold tape. I ended up using 3 separate rolls to complete the job.


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