There’s plenty I want to update on, but it’s been hard to do because many of the things I’m up to are still stuck in the work in progress phase. I’ll probably resort to more incremental posts just to keep the flow going – kind of like this one.

Can you spot the difference in the bumper pictured below, and this one?


Hint: they’re not the same bumpers. Immediately after Wekfest, I returned my car to William’s Auto Body to have the front end redone. The black paint on the hood, passenger head light cover, and bumper were a slightly different hue as compared to the rest of the car. These parts were painted on an individual basis, and it turns out that a different can of black was accidentally used for them. This gave them a grey-ish tint, while the rest of the car had a warmer, red-brown-ish tint.

Since the bumper had to be removed and repainted, I took the opportunity to buy another new OEM ’99 Bumper for William to paint instead. I was never completely content with the original bumper because at the edge that meets the hood, just above the emblem, it curved upwards. This defect was noticeable at certain angles and was definitely made more pronounced by the black color. I thought this was because I received a bumper with a bad mold. Unfortunately, the same issue reoccured on the replacement bumper. The steel brackets that mount to the bumper skin are the actual cause for the deformation.

So what’s next? We’ll just have to see…

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