When I dropped off my dash to Bascom, I also had them install the Alcantara center console cover I had laying around. I bought it from Redline Goods, which is where my shift and e-brake boots also came from. Everything is black on black Alcantara, which should maintain a level on conformity through out the interior.

The console wrap lined up and fit decently.


I requested a bordering be made and added to the bottom edge of the console as an extra finisher. This helped to clean up its edge.




Next, I worked on my new PowerFC Commander holder from Banzai Racing. This style of holder only works with ’93 dashes because it can be mounted inside the glovebox area and the holes are hidden. The first owner of my car unreasonably installed a similar holder into the ’94 dash, which left 3 holes exposed in plain view.

Strangely enough, I hesitated only slightly when I proceeded to drill 2 holes into my newly installed Alcantara ’93 dash for the holder.



It may have been logical to continue using my previous, cell-phone holder that suctioned onto the windshield. At least I would be exempt from drilling any further holes. In this case, function trumps form. This particular holder is still the most optimal solution, in my opinion, so I had to run it.

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