Revamping the interior and figuring out the front bumper’s situation has been a slow, deliberate process. While most of the work that needed to be accomplished got sent out to various shops simultaneously, a couple components are taking longer than others. So the waiting continues…

There wasn’t much I could do last weekend. It pains me because I would love to steam forward and have the car back on its wheels. The weekends are also the only days I can find time to actually get things done, which incentivizes my productivity. The slower pace gives me breathing room, but I’ll admit, I’m not accustomed to sitting so idly.

I ended up just vacuuming the interior and throwing in my like-new OEM RZ floormats, which gave me a tiny sense of accomplishment. I’m not sure if these are specific to the RZ models only, I only know they’re offered exclusively overseas. These were definitely an impulse buy, a byproduct of habitual late-night classifieds cruising. Since my custom berber floormats were still mint and hardly used, I will save them as spares. The OEM mats are better quality and come with a nice, metal RX-7 plaque.



The styling may not be for everyone, but I like the uniqueness. While they are made for RHD cars, fitment was surprisingly good. The only issue I noticed was that the driver-side mat ran up the dead pedal slightly more than before.

I probably should have called it a day and grabbed a beer after “installing” the floormats. However, the trooper in me still had energy so I decided to install a reinforcement brace Sake Bomb Garage gave me for their Rear Fire Extinguisher Bracket next. The mount flexed and had more movement than I liked. After drilling a hole into the bracket, the added brace helped to triangulate and stiffen the lower section and keep the floor’s sheet metal from flexing. Kudos to Sake Bomb Garage’s customer service for taking the time to follow-up with this and actually producing a remedy.


Lastly, I added Dynamat to the Speaker Adapters in an effort to seal them up better and reduce the potential for vibration.


I limited my application to only the adapters. I’m sure the full surface of the doors could benefit from Dynamatting, but doing so would stray from my strictly defined “pure & minimalistic” ethos for this car.

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