No real developments yet, I’m still waiting on my interior panels to be completed. I was eager to finally have them back before the Thanksgiving break, but a few more issues were discovered and they weren’t ready. So instead, I was granted a few days off where I paid little attention to the car.

The only thing I did was torque down all the lug nuts and then posed my dog for this picture.


4 thoughts on “Dog and Machine

  1. Hey Eric I’ve been meaning to ask you what was the round “about” figure to reupholster the interior including the R1 Seats?

    I hope you don’t mind my asking…

    Reason for asking is that I’d like to budget for an ash grey with red or black stitch in my 7, I’ve always wanted to redo the interior of a car and man yours is the best role model I have scene! Next to the Audi dudes with their baseball stitched leather seats.


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