With the interior project turning out to be far more over extending than initially anticipated, bringing it all to a closure was ironically anticlimactic. The feeling of relief was a welcomed luxury, but I was able to quickly move on from it. And by moving on, I mean taking a step out of the car game for a long overdue vacation.

Since I first got my license almost 10 years ago, cars have stayed on my mind. In one way or another, I was able to consistently work and tinker with them throughout the years. It is now time to enjoy a moment of silence from this consuming “hobby”. Additionally, I have had little time or reason to even drive the car recently. In the past 5 weeks, I have only driven the car out maybe 2 or so times.

I will continue to plan for the RX-7 behind the scenes, but simply put, I’m probably running out of stamina to continue working on it endlessly. After NOT wrenching or spending money on a car for some time, it really gave me perspective of how much more freedom I have. The RX-7 is at a satisfactory state, so I will pick it up again in the foreseeable future.

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