To kick off the V8 swap project and help me get back into the swing of updating, I’m going to be showcasing various parts I’ve collected. Although the overviews will not be fully comprehensive, they will at least cover a majority. This should put into perspective the intricacies and details required to accomplish the swap.

I’ve already concluded most of my researching for the project and the respective parts either acquired or ordered. In the context of something as invasive as an engine transplant, the job is relatively straightforward. That’s not to diminish the parts and to-do list either, because it certainly wasn’t a stroll in the park. My intentions are not to go completely overkill on the swap, but I don’t want to cut any corners either. In order to achieve this successfully, let’s just say the number of small items required was greater than my original anticipations. Nickel-and-diming comes with the territory of V8 swaps.

I will start off the Parts Overview series with a few maintenance related items.

Although it’s probably not necessary to change the spark plugs and wires, I wanted to do it anyway to be thorough. I chose MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor spark plug wires and a set of NGK Iridium spark plugs.


The MSD wires have a bendable boot, which will help with header clearance. In the past, I’ve been used to only buying 4 spark plugs (1 box), so it’s interesting needing 8 now.

Making a return by popular demand is a new Dimple magnetic oil pan plug. I was happy with the Dimple I used for the 13B and liked the idea of it.


Stay tuned for more to come!

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