With the LS3, it carries with it various differences that will need to be accommodated for. As I found out, it’s not quite as plug and play as the more popular LS1 swaps are. For example, with the TR6060, I’ll need to measure up and order a custom driveshaft to make it work. I later discovered that the LS3 oil pan is too thick and bulky, so it won’t clear the subframe once mounted in the car.

The oil pan of choice for these swaps is from the older F-Body LS1’s. By design, they feature ample front clearance to go over the subframe and steering rack.


Since I had to buy a complete F-Body oil pan kit from GM, I decided to go one step further and pick up an Improved Racing oil pan baffle.


The stock baffle will be replaced with this racing one, which features directional doors to help keep oil around the pump pickup and increase drainback capabilities. According to Improved, it has been track tested to prevent oil starvation up to 1.4 lateral G’s. Sounds like an upgrade to me.

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