For the fuel system, I plan on running a -6AN stainless hardline from the tank to feed the stock fuel rail on the engine. I will not be tampering with the injectors as there is no need to. I also do not want to run an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator, but instead opted for a simpler solution in the form of a Wix 33737 fuel filter. This is an OEM replacement filter that has a built-in pressure regulator to hold the pressure at 58 lbs – easy with no frills.


The Russell fittings shown are used to adapt the filter to -6AN. For the quick-disconnect style fittings on the bottom right, I specifically chose to use Russell’s newer threaded collar design. Their older versions used a plastic retainer and a different locking mechanism that was prone to leaking. After reading about instances of engine bay fires from these older Russell fittings, it left me feeling wary. So for the engine bay side, to adapt the stock 3/8″ fuel rail quick-disconnect to -6AN, I decided to go with a Swagelok compression fitting instead. Swagelok stuff is rated to extreme specifications and are generally uprated for an automotive application, which is exactly the kind of overkill I wanted.

Since the fuel filter will be mounted under the chassis at the rear, any sort of potential leak at that location is mostly uneventful. The engine fuel rail, however, hovers directly over the driver-side header. A leak at that point is a recipe for disaster, which explains my extended scrutiny as an insurance.

My Supra Nippondenso pump currently in the car is sufficient to supply the LS3, but I will be upgrading it to an in-tank Bosch 044 assembly regardless. I had this setup made by Chips Motorsports during the beginning of the year, as preparation for what was to be my next single turbo iteration… which should now work nicely with my LS3 swap.



The hanger was sent to plating and galvanized and I had a pair of -6AN elbows welded to the cover for the feed and return lines.

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