The stock FD clutch master cylinder has too small of a bore and improper stroke to actuate a T56/TR6060’s clutch, which is where the Wilwood 7/8″ unit comes into the equation. I bought a “modified” Wilwood from Hinson Supercars which converts the threading on the master cylinder to adapt to the stock clutch pedal. And by modified, I mean they just welded on a bolt with the correct thread pattern to the end, which is quite chintzy to say the least. I don’t think the bolt is even welded on straight, to be honest.


I hope to have it redone cleaner… and straighter, before installation.

For the clutch line, I plan to use a -4AN stainless braided line that will hook up to the clutch master cylinder with banjo fitting adapters. On the transmission/slave cylinder side, I had to dig deeper to find the proper adapter for the TR6060’s different quick-disconnect plug. A call to McLeod‘s helpful tech department yielded this fitting as the correct adapter:


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