I used a fair amount of reflective gold heat shielding during the Single Turbo conversion and I plan on continuing that theme for the swap. I also picked up DEI’s Floor & Tunnel Shield II to replace the stock sheet metal heat shields around the transmission tunnel. It has a glass fiber core with an embossed aluminum face bonded to it, which looks very similar to the stuff car manufacturers like BMW are using in their newer cars. There’s another larger box/roll of the tunnel shield that is not pictured.


I’m a sucker for a good idler pulley. They are typically an understated part, yet serve a rather important purpose. Evidently, LSx engines have a bad spot in the RPM range where the serpentine belt will want to jump off the pulley. Katech’s billet belt tensioner is supposed to remedy this issue and will be a good insurance to have. Plus, it looks nice.


Lastly, to round out this mix, here’s a picture of the Dakota Digital SGI-5 speedometer signal interface unit. This little module is necessary for V8 swaps because the FD’s speedometer requires a 8202 pulse per mile signal, whereas the T56 and TR6060 send out a different rate. The Dakota Digital unit will convert the pulse frequency at a set ratio to calibrate the speedometer accurately. It’s also nice that the range of adjustments is almost infinite, so virtually all combinations of gear ratios and tire sizes can be accommodated for.


4 thoughts on “LSx: Parts Overview VI

  1. I dig the heat shielding, I’m very interested in it and I assume since you’ve invested in it for the second time that its worth its weight in gold! On another note idler pulleys, I’ve never really set out to upgrade these kinds of things my self but the motor I picked up for my FD needs a complete set. Are there any that you might recommend?


    1. I would definitely recommend the Pineapple Racing Idler Pulley, it’s a very high quality unit. The remainder of the pulleys can be whatever, Greddy etc. all look the same IMO. They’re just basic aluminum pulleys. I think Touge Factory offers a set too for a bit cheaper.

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